Wine Country Brokers is a State of California licensed real estate brokerage firm located in the beautiful Napa Valley, California. Over the years, Wine Country Brokers has represented the interests of buyers and sellers of real property while providing a confidential, personal approach to client representation and in achieving client goals.

In a concentrated effort to provide a more focused representation of each client, Wine Country Brokers’ approach has been to represent the interests of only a limited number of clients at any one time rather than the more customary “numbers mill” approach that many brokerage firms take which tends to benefit the brokerage firm’s bottom line many times at the expense of the needs or goals of their clients.

Wine Country Brokers has focused its business in the Napa and Sonoma County areas, but over the years has represented clients in other areas of the state in a variety of real estate interests from raw land to ranches, vineyards, residential, commercial and/or multi-family properties.

Stuart Funk, owner/broker of Wine Country Brokers, has been active in the general real estate brokerage business for going on thirty years. In representing the interests of buyers and sellers, Stuart has had the distinct pleasure of working together with exceptional and interesting individuals toward achieving their goals in real estate matters.

Over the decades, though Stuart has represented clients’ interests in most all facets of real estate, but a “love for the land” has driven him to specialize in the sale of rural properties located in the Napa and Sonoma County areas of California where some of the most uniquely beautiful properties in the state (if not the world) are located. Undeveloped, large acreage properties as well as estate home-sites, vineyard-potential acreage and country estates have held a special fascination for Stuart during his tenure in the real estate business.

Stuart has been involved in the sale and development of hundreds of parcels of land encompassing many thousands of acres of some of the most beautiful land in the world. Besides representing clients in the purchase or sale of real properties, he has worked on the designing of large acreage parcels located in various developments in California’s wine country. As well, he has been intimately involved in the development of rural roads, providing for basic infrastructure needs of rural property owners and in handling other matters relative to readying properties for use by their owners looking to fulfill their real estate goals or dreams.

In referring to real property, Stuart believes that “The real value of most any property is essentially in the land because God’s just not making any more of it.” Building improvements are only secondary to the qualities of the land which cannot be replaced and, while improvements may come and go, the land is the only true, irreplaceable constant. It illustrates the age-old real estate saying that the value of any real estate is dependent on its “location, location, location”.

If you are looking for that special location or have a special property that needs to be sold, please contact Stuart Funk at Wine Country Brokers at 707-257-1019 or at winecobrokers@aol.com.

(California Department of Real Estate Number: 00798669)